3D Artist


Role: Senior 3D Artist & Animator
Software used: Maya, Photoshop, VRay, Mental Ray, After Effects, Flash

Children's Education Company that creates software to teach children to speak another language with animations and print, as well as interactive Flash games.

-Small start up company 8 people (Later increasing to 20)
-Advised and purchased software (maya, photoshop, flash etc)
-Organised files from previous company to current company (which were a mess)
-Set up folders and directories to work from
-Worked with programmer to set up render farm

-Worked to very tight deadlines. We created most of the animations in 2-3 days. This included, storyboarding, scene set up, modelling, texturing, cutting audio, and animating.
-Some character models needed fixing, the right proportions, or more geometery on their joints (such as elbows) or better textures.
-Rigged characters, created Blend shapes, painting skin weights
-Lighting and rendering in Vray and Mental Ray
-Created rendered images for print
-Created iPhone game: Fetch It

-Mentored small team of artists, helped juniors learn maya, photoshop,etc

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Manic Monkey (now Little Bridge World) Showreel
Pirate Story
Rendered in Mental Ray
Used Ocean Shader to create stormy sea
Little Bridge Characters

Little Bridge Village
There is even a 'VR game' in the software so the children can walk around the village in realtime. The VR Game was created in macromedia director.
Re-modelled Domino the dog
Rigged with blend shapes
Made entire model in one week
Images created for print

Images created for print

Fetch It! iPhone Game

-Created the low poly domino model. Re-textured. Rigged with advanced skeleton plug-in.
-Animated run, walk, sit down and other animations for the dog character.


Fetch It! iPhone Game

-Created 50+ low polygon game objects, 500 tri's per model, with textures, one 256 colour map, (over 200 objects were in the original brief! And only two weeks allocated for the work!)
-Created the ground plane, hedge and fence. Exported to Unity.
-The models and animation are created in maya and imported into the Unity game engine.