3D Artist
(A Battlefield 2 Mod)

Created while I worked at EA Games. My role was to test Battlefield 2's mod tools. Make sure they worked and the community was able to create their own levels. I also created my own custom content, such as vehicles and soldiers, to test import/export functions. This level uses only Battlefield 2 content.
For more Information see below.

Winter Assualt
(A Battlefield 2 Mod)

  • Loading screen Background picture (Image of Map)
  • Map description has been added to splash screen.
  • Snow Capped Mountains (No snow as default, so I created some by changing the sand properties)
  • Triggers and Ambient Effects (e.g. birds fly up, dust clouds, fireflys, etc. Fire and smoke on ruins and wrecked cars)
  • Combat Area (Out of bounds working)
  • Commander Toys (fully working)
  • Water and Sky
  • Roads
  • Balanced Vehicles (equal numbers on both sides)
  • Balanced Command points (equal spawn points and opportunities)
  • Radar map (in game map added)
  • Undergrowth (Rushes, Long grass, Short grass, rocks, flowers, etc. All have sway, length and colour adjusted appropriately)
  • Light Maps (objects casting shadows, etc)
  • Surrounding Terrain


The command points (flags) are balanced. There are 7 flags in total. Each team starts with two CPs in control. Each team has one CP that is unable to be captured by the enemy. Both teams have CPs on the left of the map that have an extra group that can start in the mountains. A ridge runs down the left hand side of the map and it is expected that some heavy fighting will occur here.
Both teams start with a helicopter. Helicopters shouldn't have too much advantage as there are a number of AA guns across the level. The rest of the vehicles are light, mainly jeeps and troop carriers. It is a fairly small map and heavy tanks would probably have too much advantage. The central CP will be the most fought over in the game.
There are quite a few boats around the level. They aren't as equal as other vehicles, but this shouldn't affect the over all Gameplay. There are a lot of reed beds that make good cover for infantry swimming in to take CPs.