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Starter Game

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Here is some of my work I've done while at Climax Studios in Portsmouth.

Starter Game is the first complete game sample to showcase the latest capabilities of Lumberyard, Amazon’s free AAA game engine. Think of it as a “what’s what” of engine features: component entities, real-time global illumination, 3rd person camera and locomotion, interiors and exteriors, particle effects—all of these come to life in Starter Game in a big way. It’s not just a quick path for getting started with the engine; it’s also a great example of what you can build today using Lumberyard.
Climax had 3 months to create a level that a player could run around in. It was a very small team and I'm pleased with how much we managed to achieve.
I created many of the assets shown here; rocks, foliage, the crashed airship, the background buildings, crates, the huge gun, etc. I set up all the Touch Bending on the foliage so it reacts to player movement and wind. I also re-textured the main character and the enemy robots. I worked closely with the art lead and had input on the overall look of the level.
Everything is dynamically lit and there are time of day settings. It was interesting to work with Lumberyard and see the potential the game engine has.






Here is some of my work while at Climax Studios in Portsmouth.

The first game I worked on was Hunters Gate for Google Daydream. The game was made in Unity and I got to make the majority of the environment assets and textures. It has been nominated for mobile game of the year.