3D Artist

I worked at Lionhead on Fable Legends. I had the chance to work on several of the levels. Below are some of the levels I worked on. An art dump.

Demon Doors:


History Lessons:

I got to make emmissive maps for the mushrooms and use the LPV lighting to light the environment.


Ring of Roses:
Set in the heart of an old overgrown forest.


Rosewood Defeated:



Last Night:

Set in a dream or dream like state, this level ended with a 'chocolate box' type cottage with heart shaped hedges in the garden:

The Play:

Set inside a play, the environment was made up of 2D houses and props, like a theatre set.



Ornamental egg:
One of the assets I got to make for the game. Created an ornamental egg asset for the outside of Brightlodge bank. Created in Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop.

I took the character models and made low poly versions for statues. I created new textures and materials for them.

Moss examples:
I got to work closely with the tech artists on the moss shader, providing feedback and making the textures and masks needed.