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Zombie Army Trilogy is a remastered version of Rebellions cult horror shooter series Nazi Zombie Army for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. A Grindhouse inspired gruesome and iconic British title filled with explosive carnage, Dismemberment and the infamous X-ray Kill Camera.

My responsibilities on the project;

-Sole artist on the level The Keep. Took the level from white box to final. Worked closely with the designer. Created anything needed for the level, including props, assets, buildings, terrain, collision, set dressing and lighting.

-This included building bespoke terrain, Collision for environment, Cascade shadow mesh and Visibility mesh, as well as debugging the level to ensure we hit our technical benchmarks.

-Using a variety of tools including 3DS Max and ZBrush to create high quality assets.

Zombie Army Trilogy
Chapter 4: The Keep



Image captures from Youtube

Entering the Keep. The castle is huge. It was originally going to be based on Hohenwerfen Castle where the classic WW2 film "Where eagles dare" was filmed.

The players enter the keep via caves under the castle

Caves with many stalactities and stalagmites, some destructible. And glowing radioactive pools.

The Crypts

Safe house room

Wine cellar

Huge Kitchen

Kitchen with massive fireplace.

Dining hall

Grand entrance hall

Entrance Hall with Stained glass window


Pillared hall

Pillared Hall

Crazy tesla lab

Machines that run on gore

More tesla lab

The castle had many, many rooms that need modelling, texturing and set dressing. I've only shown a few here.

Cable car station and exit.

Unused artwork. The zombies were based on photos of the dev team. One of them is my face apparently!